NodeRed Desktop Version Doesn't Save Import

I just downloaded the NodeRed Desktop version for PC. Convenient. But it won't save flows that are imported. There a no new nodes in the import. It simply doesn't store the flow. Any ideas?
Thank you

Which version are you referring to? The core Node-RED project doesn't have a desktop version, but there are a few created by community. It would help to narrow down which you are using.

This one on github. GitHub - sakazuki/node-red-desktop: Node-RED Desktop
Thank you

I think the big issue it that the menu is missing on the latest version so we can't choose the filename to save our flows under

This is image of previous version 2.0.0


I've raised an issue about it on GitHub

Thank you

Someone has posted on the issue that pressing ALT key brings up the menu - which it does

I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug :slight_smile:
But at least it lets us save flows now :slight_smile:

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