Missing labels in editor

I was working on a node-red server (v1.3.7) and all the default labels of the editor disappeared after a flow deploy.

Among others, the deploy button now shows "deploy.deploy", menu items are like "menu.label.edit" and "menu.label.search", and it also affects default node names (e.g. an unnamed inject timestamp node that used to show as "timestamp" now shows as "inject.label.date", and a change node for multiple properties is now "change.label.changeCount").

Different Node-RED servers show fine on the same browser. This server still shows badly on other devices and browsers.
I tried restarting Node-RED on pm2 (through which it's usually running as a service on windows) and on the command line, with no success.

Ideas on how to fix this would be very welcome, thank you.


Try running '--safe' command line option to start Node-RED without the flow itself actually running.

Use this reference for all command-line switches: Running Node-RED locally : Node-RED

Back out the most recent change, then redeploy.
See if that fixes the issue.



Hi again,
Neither '--safe' nor rolling back a deploy worked. I also checked that it's using the right directory and settings file, and that the settings file was unchanged (I had a copy).

Just noticed that the version running seems to have changed. It still shows as 1.3.7 but the editor now has right-click menus which are from later versions (3.x I think?).

I'm even more confused now.

Node red cannot update itself so something you did caused it to be updated. As for the menu showing old version number, try clearing your browser cache (do a hard refresh)

Stopped node-red, cleared the cache, restarted, and it's still showing v1.3.7. Command line logs also show 1.3.7.
I installed some packages with npm yesterday, but I kept working on node-red after that (including some deploys and a restart) with no issue for several hours so I thought it was unrelated.
I'll try uninstalling those, too.

It could be a bad package but it does look as though there is some file loss or corruption.

You might have to reinstall

Question, why are you sticking with a very old unsupported version? There are many compelling new features in 2.2.3 and even more so in 3.0.2.

Uninstalling the packages didn't work. It does seem like file loss and it does seem like I'll have to reinstall.
(Bonus issue: the node palette won't open)
I spotted a "Missing ENV var CONFIG_PATH" in the start logs, but there's no info on it. It's not in any settings or config files either. Found a few mentions to the same error here in the forum, but they either went unanswered or were solved by reinstalling.

And yeah, a newer version would be great. But though I'm looking after it for now, this is not my installation and I'm not that familiar with the setup yet. It was in the plans for later, after I finished moving back-end tasks to other servers. Also, the dashboard tends to lose formatting at the smallest change, so I assumed the upgrade would likely destroy it and require lots of patience to fix and bring back online.

Guess that's ahead of schedule now :person_shrugging:
(On the plus side, all the flows having been working as normal. It's just the editor that's unreadable.)

Thanks again for the help