Instance looses label

My Node-Red instance "looses" labels regularly. Buttons and default nodes then do not have a proper label anymore. A "Done" button for example is then called common.label.done
A restart of the Docker container fixes the issue.

Does someone have an idea on what may be wrong?

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Hi @robvoi - welcome to the forums.
That sounds like an i18n problem.


  • Node RED
  • Node JS
  • Browser

version are you using?

Also, are you seeing any error in your Browser Console?
What languge is your Node RED/Environment operating in?

Hi @marcus-j-davies,

thanks for your swift response.

I am using Node-Red v3.1.0.
The error occurs in any browser. Brave and Edge, I just double-checked. A reload of the Docker contained fixes the problem. It then works right way in the same browser tab after a reload of the page.

No errors in the browser. Everything works. I just have to guess a bit what the buttons are. :slight_smile:

The environment is English. It is the official docker image.


short of re-downloading the image docker image (sorry is that the right term? - I don't use docker)
if it continues, after re-downloading the image, maybe raise a bug with the team.

The core team may respond here also.

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