Node-Red - Docker: Disappearing Objects

Hello together,
I've just installed Node Red on Docker (using WSL). Unfortunately, the objects disappear after I drop them into the workspace.

They are literally there, I can identify them in the info section. Also, I can export the flow and import it to another Red-Node application. It must be my node red application.

I'm using Node-Red v3.0.0 and JSON v16.16.0
Screenshot 2022-07-18 160817

Problems like this will be related to the browser rather than runtime/docker etc.

What browser are you using (including version)? There is a known issue with Safari 15.3 that looks similar to this. We know that is fixed with the latest Safari 15.5.

If you're using a different type of browser, please share the details - and please also check the browser's javascript console for any error messages.

Hello knolleary,
thank so much. I feel really dump.

The problem occured with Firefox. By using Edge the problem is solved.
Thank you!

It would be handy to know what version of Firefox you were using.

Same problem here:

Ubuntu 22.04
Node-Red 3.0
Firefox 91.11.0esr

On Firefox 102.0.1, Chrome 103.0.5060 everything works like normal.

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