How to parse this Hex string?


I have the following Hex string


Parts of this decode as ASCII text e.g. 4757 = GW - as can be seen in the screenshot below


Further along is a serial number

I am trying to feed this to Steves Buffer Parser node - but can not hit on the right combination to get anything out

If i set it to treat it as Hex i get


So i believe i have the offsets and length right

But i can not get it to output the ASCII representation of the Hex characters

I have tried Hex, ASCII, String and am not getting the output - only hex gives me something but it is just the hex characters.

Any pointers ?


There was a bug in my parsing that was fixed about a week or 2 ago. Make sure you have the latest version installed Craig.

If you can't update, use binary type instead.

Thanks Steve - updated now and will report back shortly


Yep that solved it ! Thanks for letting me know

Love the node by the way


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