How to plot 2D data?

this might be a basic question but i cannot figure out how to simply plot 2D data ? I have an array of data that i want to plot in a basic graph, to show the curve.

there is maybe node-red-node-ui-vega that seems to be ok, but i don't know vega and there should be a node simply doing a plot(data), right ?

Look at the Dashboard nodes (specifically the Chart node).

the chart node is plotting reall time data. What i want is plotting the whole curve in one shot.

You can do that with the chart node provided the x axis is time. Not if it is something else however.

the x axis is indeed time in my case, and it works if I give one point after another to the chart node. but if i give it the whole array like, say, [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], it does not print the corresponding curve.
So if it is possible, can you tell me how ?

I feel I need to attach this text to a hotkey, it is the third time I have posted it today. The link is also mentioned in the Info tab for the chart node in the editor.

If you look at the these docs then about half way down it shows you how to structure the data so you can feed it to the chart. Pay careful attention to getting the data structure as shown.

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you maybe should. It is not expected to be that "tricky" to plot simple data. I mean for beginners. But it is maybe because i mostly used python to plot data since months. But thanks ! it works.

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