How to post a bug in node-red - what files to share


I have been experiencing a few odd issues in Node-RED over the past few weeks.

It's not obvious what is causing them, so just pasting screenshot and extracts of my flows isn't going to paint the whole picture.

Can someone please share what are the files e.g. log files that can also be shared, and perhaps is there is some additional (more granular) logging that can be turned on to help in diagnosis?


Perhaps a start would be to describe your issues in detail, and tell us about your system - node version, node-RED version, operating system and how you installed node-RED.
Once we know what sort of problem you are having, we'll let you know what further information/logs etc that we need to help you.

Of course, I would do that, but it won't help solve the problem on it's own.

I'll give you an example of an issue I had since the night before last:

  • I have a flow that is triggered by a wall switch in my bedroom to run a "good night" scene.
  • The scene has worked perfectly since I implemented it, well over a month ago, maybe two months ago.
  • The night before last, the scene stopped abruptly in the middle of the main function node. Only half or/so of the code "seemed" to execute.

There are two RGBW LED strips that dim down softly to off in my bedroom, however somehow they just turned off abruptly a second or two into the routine. There is nothing in the code to allow that to happen.

I have changed nothing in the NR code or around the device config. The only thing I had done of note is upgrade to NR v2.2.2 from v2.2 earlier in the day.

Earlier today, I commented out the code that does the dimming down of the 2x LED strips. I deployed the flow. Then I ran the routine again. I then uncommented the code, deployed the flow and ran the routine again... and it just started working again.

The issue is "resolved" for now and will hopefully not come back again, however me explaining the issue, sharing my flows and maybe a screenshot or two would mostly likely not result in a full diagnosis of the issue - unless, on the off chance, this is a known issue.

So back to my question, are there logs or other files that I can share as well?

Depends on your OS and how you have node-red installed. For example, on windows, the stdout is NOT logged unless you use something like a pipe to redirect it.

So as Paul says, you should share ...

Also, sharing the function code would give us some clues (e.g. if you are using context in the function, then perhaps because node-red would have been stopped during the upgrade, perhaps it was not properly initialised or guarded in your function until some other operation occurred?)

Unfortunately, each problem and bug have different requirements.

Thanks. I'm running many instances (around 10) of NR, mainly on Debuan 11 and Raspbian.

But, I'll make sure to provide this info should another bug materialise.

BTW, no context variables in the flow. Only globals and they were reset after the upgrade.

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