How to remove "Welcome to Node-Red" from Dashboard?

Hello Everyone!
I was wondering whether it is possible to remove or edit the "Welcome to Node-Red" text, that appears on the Dashboard on deploy until the UI loads.
I managed to customize the logo from the settings.js file but couldn't figure out how to change the "Welcome to Node-Red" text.

It would be great if anyone can share their ideas on how I might be able to do that.


If you create a loading.html file it will use that instead. (see browser dev console on start and you will see it try and fail to load it.)

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Thanks for your suggestion dceejay! Could you please tell exactly where to keep the loading.html file? As in the path where the file needs to be kept.

@temp07 home/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-dashboard/dist works for me.

Create a new file loading.html within the dist directory and write something like <p> LOADING SCREEN </p> into the file.

I tried to just copy and rename the index.html first to simply see if it works, but this seems to break something. Pure html without any headers etc. works though. Not sure if this is important to know for you.

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