Node-Red Ui html change

How can I do to replace the screen with our own html page when the node red UI is blank. I changed the logo, but I want to add my own design or how can I change the text below.

snippet in the setting.js file that I used to change the logo.

ui: {
      path: "ui",
      middleware: function (req, res, next) {
         path = require('path')
         if (['/icon64x64.png', '/icon120x120.png', '/icon192x192.png', '/loading.html'].includes(req.url)) {
            res.sendFile(path.resolve(path.join(__dirname, 'icons', req.url)))    
         } else {

File that needs to be changed

Hello. No one to help??

Hi @sercancetin

I notice you are using dashboard-evi - that is a fork of the node-red-dashboard set of nodes that we maintain. Unfortunately its readme makes no attempt to explain how it may be different from the main dashboard project.

I know you can drop a loading.html (as described in the readme) into the dist folder - but I'm not sure that covers the case you are asking for.

@dceejay would have to confirm, but I don't think there's a quick way to customise that page currently as its built into the application. I'm sure it would be possible to enable some sort of customisation along the same lines as loading.html ... but would probably need to be contributed to the project as we aren't doing a lot of new feature development for the current dashboard.

Thanks for be interested. Mr. knolleary

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