How to replace node-RED frontend

Hi all,
I currently developing an application using Jointjs as the diagraming library. I have read the node-RED documents and I'd love to use node-RED runtime as the backend for my application.
Is it possible and where should I start? Even a document is enough. Github repo is even better.
Every suggestion is appreciated.

Did you read : Embedding into an existing app : Node-RED

Sure, node-red runtime is commanded by the node-red editor via HTTP so yes, it is possible.

Look up :point_up: to the top of this page (in the header)

Thanks for the answer.
I have read the document you sent me and skim through the main github repo.

If I understand the materials correctly, the steps to replace the frontend would be:

  • Init node-RED runtime.
  • Create a json flow similar to node-RED flow with the new frontend.
  • post the flows to node-RED server with APIs in this document: Admin API Methods : Node-RED

Please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.

In a nutshell, yes.

Thank you, initially I was stuck not knowing how to start the runtime alone. This document was very helpful. Embedding into an existing app : Node-RED
I have marked the solution.

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