How to reset when flow is running

Hi guys,

I have an automation setup to run my sprinkler system.

How can i setup a "reset" to cancel the automation when it is running? I have sonoff basic that i use as a switch for manual run. i can have another sonoff switch to trigger the reset but i dont know how to setup the nodes/flow to "intercept" the message and cancel it.

Ideally i want to cancel the watering like when it is raining and i forgot to turn on the delay.

Thank for any input.

You can paste images here directly rather than link to an external site that wants to start notifying me about stuff.

When you want to cancel you could send a reset message to all the delay nodes (as described in the help text for the node) and then send an Off message to all the devices to make sure they are all off. Put a short delay between the two to make sure they have reset before you do the turn off, in case there is a race condition and a turn on message from one of the delay nodes ends up getting into the message queue after your turn off message.

Edit: by the same token perhaps you need to send a second reset message to all the delays after turning the outputs off, in case a queued message manages to get in and restart the delays.

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