How to restart Node-red on ubuntu

Hi All,

I'm following this guide to creating my first custom node. In the guide it states that ' Any changes to the node’s file can be picked up by simply restarting Node-RED' but does not provide any instruction on how to restart node red.

How can i restart node red when running on ubuntu?

Try opening a terminal window and entering node-red-restart and see if that works


Unfortunately that is not recognised. Only way I have been able to restart my has been to restart the PC.


How did you install - did you used the official script?

hw do you start node-red? if youstart it in a terminal window, you should be able to get to that window and do a CTRL-C which should stop NR then enter node-red to start it again

no - node-red restart will start node-red with a flow called restart :-)... the command is node-red-restart.

Is Node-RED run via systemtd? In other words, it starts automatically on boot-up?

If so, you can restart it using systemctl restart node-red (note that the node-red part could be different if you created the init script yourself or used my alternate installer).

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