How to securely communicate with HTTPS API?

my team is using Node-Red for data acquisition and Grafana for data visualization.

Right now we are "fighting" with securing our HTTP requests from Node-Red to Grafana HTTPS API endpoint:

  1. We were trying to experiment with Grafana Reporting HTTP API endpoint which requires to send emails in the POST request.

  2. Right after we sended first few requests our email addresses were getting spam email.

  3. We contacted the Grafana support with this issue and they said that everything is OK on their part and their reporting HTTPS API endpoint is indeed secure.

The problem that later occurred to us is that we were not using the Enable secure (SSL/TLS) connection within the Request node.

To be honest I have 2 questions here:

  1. Is it necessary to use the secure option within the request node to communicate securely with HTTPS API endpoint? Isn't enough just specifying "https://" in the URL enough?

  2. I was trying to find some nice tutorials on how to setup the SSL/TLS certificates for the Request node but without success. Could anyone point me in the right direction / provide some links with useful docs on this topic? ( I could only find tutorials on how to secure Node-Red, but not the Request Node itself, link1, link2)

Thank you for the AMAZING job you're doing with Node-Red! It is truly amazing!


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