How to send bulk emails

Hi, I'm using node-red-node-email to send emails it work fine if we need to send emails around 90 at a time however it fails after reaching certain limit to send email.
I tried smtp pool as well but no luck. can anyone please help me on this the idea is to send reminder emails every day to 200+ people.,SMTP%20providers%20happily%20accept%20all%20your...%20More%20?msclkid=e5be4c2ccf8311ec9478c005f2dfbe4c

Do you get an error message?
Maybe in the debug panel or else try the catch node.

Have you checked with your ISP that they don't limit the number of mails sent?

getting Error: queryA ETIMEOUT error message after sending few emails

Error: Mail command failed: 421 4.7.0 Try again later, closing connection. (MAIL) w8-20020a170902d70800b0015e8d4eb252sm1810168ply.156 - gsmtp

First result on Google...

In simple terms, you are spamming.

You may need to use a dedicated email service that permits bulk sending

Try slowing them down by adding a delay between each send. Like 2s delay set to rate limit mode. Meaning only 30 per minute are sent.

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