How to send to a variable list of Pushover receivers?


is it possible to send messages to a variable list of pushover receivers ?
If I use node-red-contrib-pushover I am limited to only one specific and "hard-coded" receiver, but thats not what I want.

I want to send to different receivers - defined by a variable list of userkeys and applicationkeys.
Is there a way to solve this using node-red-contrib-pushover ? or do I have to build a POST request using the official pushover API ?


Yes it is possible to set an array of receivers, then in a function node loop over array, create message and receiver and use node.send() to send the messages on each loop. Or
I think msg.device can also hold a comma seperated list
the available inputs are

  • msg.topic : This will be used as the title of the notification if Title is not set
  • msg.image : The URL of the image in notification. Local file path or http(s) url
  • msg.url : Can add an url to your notification
  • msg.url_title : Can set the title of the url
  • msg.priority : -2/-1/1/2, see explain
  • msg.device : Default for all device if not provided. Separated by a comma
  • msg.sound : Name of the notification sound, see the list
  • msg.timestamp : An unix timestamp to specific the date time of your notification

but there is no possibility to set the receiver, key or anything, at least I do not know where !?

If you want to send to different api keys, just add seperate nodes for each key, then with a function or switch node direct the output to the various pushover nodes.

exactly thats not the way I want to solve it :slight_smile:
in this case I have to create receiver nodes for each and every new user

Then as you say you will have to send a http request to the rest api.

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