Variables in node pushover

I like to have one place where i store my permanent variables.
At this moment i use a change to set some globals.
I like to add the user-key and api-token to it.
Ho do i refer to this globals in the pushover-node? Or is this not possible?

@pvanklink without knowing what pushover node you are referring to, I can't give a definitive answer. If the node's sidebar help doesn't say you can access context values directly from the node, then you'll need to pass them in via message properties (using a Change node to set them). That assumes the node even supports that.

node says nothing about context values or usage off message properties..
tried it in the message and with {var},{{var}}, {{{var}}}... so bad luck i guess..

did you succeed ? I am facing the same problem - beeing unable to set user and application key from node-red

Please try and keep your discussion in your open topic - How to send to a variable list of Pushover receivers?
This topic is a year old, so closing for now.