How to set a Room in Roomba?

I wish to set which room Roomba should clean. How do I setup a Room without the App?
Is it may either possible to advice roomba to move to a certain XY coordinate?

What have you tried so far?
What node are you using to control the roomba?
Does the node have an option to point at a room?

I use Dorita980 to controle my roomba.
Because I do not know how to beginn with, I was not able to do anything.

Well you can go to to see what commands you should be able to send but no guarantees.

Couple things to note,

  • I do not have a roomba so can't help you much more than I have and
  • the author of node-red-contrib-roomba980-fw2 has replied to a couple issues with the following:

I am not javascript developer, and have not enough time to work on this project. Real time map is an useful feature I also want to have, so I will leave this open, and maybe some day I will add this function, but I don't think I will finish it in near future.

If you can write code and have enough time and interest on this, you can do it yourself(fork & add function), and this is how FOSS works.

so you may be out of luck if something doesn't work.

Hi @zenofmud I also have an Issue on github about that. I had hope here in this forum someone has experiences in this.

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