IRB 14000 YuMi Robot's coordinates (ABB Robot)

Hello fellow friends.

I am working on a project in school where we collect data from robots. I am currently trying to get the coordinates of the robot whenever it moves or not, and the robot is from ABB, named IRB 14000 YuMi ([] Unlike UR (Universal Robots), which has a specific node to use for their robots, ABB doesn't have a node to gather data from YuMi. As of now, I am only able to get the power status of YuMi to display on the dashboard.


Has anyone dealt with YuMi, or any ABB robot and tried to export the data to Node-RED? Are there any nodes that can be used that are in Node-RED or which have to be installed that will help? Would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

Is there anyone who can help? Really in need of help...

I doubt it, it is really specific.

In general, you don't necessarily need a custom node to communicate with the robot. The first thing I would do is to investigate, if it provides any interfaces you can talk to. That could be HTTP, Telnet, raw TCP sockets, ..., if you're lucky. The worst case would be an undocumented proprietary binary protocol.

Alright! Thank you so much! Will start searching more. :slight_smile:

Do you still need help. Or did you find some solution?

Hi wolfino73,

I found out that I can use PC SDK to transfer the coordinates of the robot from the controller to the PC using Visual Studio. I am now thinking, how do I then transfer the coordinate being displayed on the PC to show on Node-RED...

I'm presuming you mean you've written code in C++/C#/other using Visual Studio and the Yumi SDK. It may be possible to do something similar using Node-RED, or to interface to a background service written on top of the SDK, but you'll need to provide a lot more information along with the relevant bits of your current code.

From a quick look at the ABB web site, there are several SDKs and something called the "IoT Gateway", but as I don't have the required robot hardware it's probably not worth me installing these and trying to understand them. The IoT Gateway however may be a way to control the robot using e.g. TCP, UDP or even MQTT.

It might be worth asking in their developer forum if anyone has done something similar - Collaborative Robots — ABB Robotics User Forums

That is going to be a bit tricky since the sdk is .NET based. But you could use websockets (i tested it with node TCP in). The .net code for socket app you can find on the github i used some called "CS_SocketTester-master" for example.

Personally. Iam collecting data from robot via the opc ua server where. I use this: node-red-contrib-lativ (node) - Node-RED.
It is very easy to configure. But Iam collecting only data from rapid program variables.

Iam not sure if you want to collect the robot position "directly" as it moves. Or you are also setting some robtarget or jointtarget variables after the movement happens.
In case you want the "direct" collecting it would be better to use the http requests on RWS (robot web services) via the Http node in node red.

Thank you for that molesworth, as we have just started, we will update our status on it soon!

I see, that is interesting! We are intending to collect the robot position directly. As you can see, on the controller at the right side, it shows the positions of the 7 axis. We want that to display real time on the dashboard in Node-RED.

I will try what you have suggested so far. Thank you wolfino73!

Hi wolfino73,

Would you mind showing how you did your flow which you have used to collect data from rapid program variables?

Hi I can do that. Just there is additional stuff to make it work ... like the abb opc ua server software etc...
is there possibility to send something like private message..?

Oh ok I see, will message you, thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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