How to send code for a robot by tcp-ip

I am new in node red and i want do the code implementation for a robot of universal robots, making its sending by the tcp-ip server installed in the red node of my raspberry. Does anyone have any idea how to do it?

Default node-red installation provides tcp nodes.
Have you tried that ?


TCP is pretty low level. Is there not a more high level API available that you can use to interface with your robots ?

Hello Janvda,
I created this, to send a hello via tcp-ip.

Now I want to programming my robot use this protocol, but i don't know if i have to do a fuction or other thing.

You need to share some more details about your use cases.
What exactly you want to achieve ?
Be specific.

Basically, I want to send commands to my robot remotely by this protocol.

Didn't you just demonstrate that in your hello world flow that you can send and receive data ?

yes. But I don't know how to implement this in the robot and send the code there

Is your robot not running node-red ?

In this moment no.

So are you asking for help with how to write code to run in the robot? In which case what has that got to do with node-red?

I'm guessing you're asking how to create a set of flows in Node-RED to send commands to make the robot move, e.g. forwards, backwards, turn left, right etc.

Is the robot one you've bought or built from a kit? If it is, then if you can tell us the make and model there may be information online about what commands it expects, and how to connect to it.

@teixeira_5213 - are you still looking for an answer to this question?

A recent post about controlling a different robot (ABB YuMi) reminded me about your post, and I've noticed that they mentioned "Universal Robots" which I now realise is the type you're working with.

Apparently there is a node and example flow for them which may be what you need, or may help in getting your configuration working.

Node - node-red-contrib-ur-robot (node) - Node-RED

Flow - Using Universal Robot Interfaces (flow) - Node-RED

As I don't have the required target hardware I can't do any testing, but they may be useful to you.

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