Replicate tcp request

Hi everyone! I'm new to node red and want to create customise node to to control my remote device. I would like to start with the functionalities of tcp request node. And later gradually add functions to it. Is there any link where I can check the code(tcp request)? Or any link where I can make a start with my project in mind?

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A good place to start wold be here (creating nodes)...

and here (node-red source code)...

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@Steve-Mcl thank you for quick reply. :smiley:

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I started to create a model node for my reference, a simple node that will display string to lower case and works fine. I change the function in the js file with code below

      	var node = this;
        var net = require('net');
	var client = net.connect('7877,'', function() {

when I hit deploy there is no error but there is also no message if it successfully connected to ip address and port.

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