Roborock S8 pro ultra


I have a roborock s8 pro ultra since today.

Can I include this in Node red?

Maybe someone has already done that.

Thanks in advance.

I'm using the node-red-contrib-miio-roborock for my S5 and it works great ... have a try


Thank you for your message.

I've already tried that when logging in, he always says that the email and password are wrong. and then I don't get any tokens.

I'm using this registration with local IP and the token


you can google on how to get the token.. but the vacuum has to be registered with Xiaomi Home App and not the Roborock app

it took me a while as well to get the token :wink: but than it works


does it also work with the Roborock app?
I don't want the Xiaomi app.

Sorry, It works only with Xiaomi.. I'm not aware of any node working with Roborock app :frowning:

The integration via HA works well .. maybe you wanna go via that path

Alternatively there is the Valetudo .. but this is changing a lot on the vacuum

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