How to set Allen Bradly PLC address in function node of node red

collecting data from Allen Bradly PLC from eth-ip in node and put address of AB PLC in node, now i want this data to send on function node where i need to set variable whicg will get data from that address and will make some condition according to my need but, facing problem that how to convert Allen Bradlly PLc address that can accept in function because when i put same address in function node it is giving error see pic for reference

Hi @aminulhaq

In future, please share the code by pasting it directly (assuming it isn't too long). Blurry photos of your monitor make it hard to read the code you're asking us to help you with.

For the specific syntax error, you'd need to treat the value as a String and wrap it in "quotes"

but if i make it string the how can i get value coming from this plc address

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