How to test subflow-module in docker-compose instance

How can I install my local subflow-module inside my docker-compose instance of node-red?

Have a look at GitHub - janvda/docker-compose-with-node-red-flows: Sample docker-compose application consisting of a simple node-red application including its flows. The Node-RED flows in this github repository can be updated using the Node-RED editor in combination with Node-RED's project functionality.

Well sure, that is one possibility. But it seams like a workaround.
There must exist a direct solution. Even if it's harder, I'm interested to see how it works.
Accessing the Docker instance and installing an npm dependency must be somehow possible.

I think I have misunderstood your question.

What do you exactly mean by "local subflow-module" ?
I thought you wanted your node-red flow files being part of your docker-compose github repository.

No, I am not interested in the deployment of node-red with modules.
I have made a subflow-module (this is a very new feature and does only work for >V1.3)
Now I would like to test it locally before pushing it to npm.
But I do not know how to enter the docker instance and install it from my local storage.

You can install local npm packages by the following methods...

  1. npm install path/to/my/package/folder


  1. prepare the package using npm pack then you will get the file my-node-1.0.0.tgz which you can install at runtime via the palette manager
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