How to use node s7 to show pie chart

hello , I have data from S7 and I want to show on pie chart in dashboard but it didn't showed.
I don't know how to use pie chart to show my data from my S7.

There is a line in the 'Help' tab:

See this information for how to pre-format data to be passed in as a complete chart.

If you follow that link it will show you how to format msg.payload for a Pie chart and there are some examples you can lok at/test with.

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I'm sorry , I don't know how to use that code. Where do I enter that code? Can I edit chart node or Add function and enter code.

Did you try importing the example so you could see how it works?

I can't do that.

Use CTRL+I to import a flow (don't put it in a function node - it's not JavaScript)

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Thank you so much!

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