How to view SQLlite data in any userinterface apart from the terminal window

I have sensor data which I am storing in sqlite database, Apart from terminal window, how can I view data in UI ?

Hi @YashPisat

This will involve 2 parts

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Do you mean in node-red or just that you are looking for a GUI browser for sqlite?

I have already inserted data in sqlite database using sqlite node. Now I want to have a look at the table.
The dashboad part you mentioned, Will it give me graphical representation or tabular view of the database?

I am looking for GUI browser for sqlite.
I tried to install phpliteadmin, but I dont know for some reason it is not working for me.

i use DB Browser for looking at the db tables and query tests etc

in node red i use node-red-node-sqlite

Most like due Php 8, this is not compatible with the release versions of PhpLiteAdmin.
You have to download and install the develop version, that works with php 8.

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If all you want to do is view it in the ui send it to ui-table node, it should then display it in a table.

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Okay I will try this.

I also wanted to export the data int csv format so I think DB browser would work for me.

Thankyou, I installed DB browser and it works perfectly.

Just for info, if you pass the db data through a csv node it will produce a csv format for you to.

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Oh, Thankyou, I will try this too.

I have installed DB browser in raspberry pi. I use putty to access nodered of raspberry pi in my laptop. Is there any way to access dbbrowser of raspberry pi in my laptop?

do you have VNC server running on the PI ?
if its not enabled by default you can enable it and download VNC client on your laptop to connect to the PI
and see its UI and also run DB browser

there is an article that gives detailed steps how to do it
How to Use Remote Desktop on the Raspberry Pi with VNC

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