How to write a file with a "Byte Order Mark"?

How to use the "file" node to write a file with a "Byte Order Mark" ?
Or how to do it using fs.writeFileSync() ?
I am grateful in advance.

Have you tried simply sending a buffer containing the BOM (and any other data) to a file write node.

Thank you for responding!
And how can a text string be converted to a buffer string to add '0hEF 0hBB 0hBF' (for UTF-8) to it ?
Or how do I convert '0hEF 0hBB 0hBF' to add to a text string ?

Using '0hEF 0hBB 0hBF' results in adding a string, not bytes.
How do I add exactly 3 bytes?

In the script below, I read the file from the BOM as a sample.
Then I try to create exactly the same Buffer.
But instead of a Buffer, I get an Object.
What is my mistake?

msg.payload = msg.payload;  // read file with BOM as binary  // => buffer[5]  Good !

var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(5);  //5 bytes
msg.payload_1 = buffer;  // => object empty   Why object ?

var intView = new Int8Array(buffer);  //8 bits
//intView = [0xEF,0xBB,0xBF,0x31,0x32];  //for UTF8 BOM=#EFBBBF 0x31,0x32=12
intView[0] = 0xEF;  //1byte BOM
intView[1] = 0xBB;  //2byte BOM
intView[2] = 0xBF;  //3byte BOM
intView[3] = 0x31;  //'1'
intView[4] = 0x32;  //'2'
msg.payload_2 = intView;  // => object: {"0":-17,"1":-69,"2":-65,"3":49,"4":50}

//buffer = new Uint8Array([0xEF,0xBB,0xBF,0x31,0x32]);
msg.payload_3 = buffer;  // => object empty   Why object ?

msg.filename = '/opt/12.txt';

return msg;

Use a node Buffer.

// using from
const buf1 = Buffer.from([0xEF,0xBB,0xBF,0x31,0x32])

// using alloc
const buf2 = Buffer.alloc(5)

Alternatively, use node-red-contrib-buffer-parser (it has a node named buffer-maker so you can do this in a low-code visual manner

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