How to write a method by "node-red-contrib-opcua"

Sorry for my bad English,I want to use "node-red-contrib-opcua0.2.43" to deploy a opc-ua server,the help of "OPC UA Compact Server" is said that " AddressSpace:
A function like programming editor to construct your own address space in the server." I want to write a method in this node,but I can't find a example to write a method on it ,have anyone can give us an advice or a example ? Thank you in advance.

Hello again Jack.

Sorry to say this again, but of you change to the IIOT nodes, you will gain more support and many examples.

thank you, but i can't find an example of write method function in a server...:flushed:

Try to add an issue/ask the author directly at github, you may have better luck there

Servers don't write. Clients do. The server just serves tags for a client to read and write. If you're making a server in node red, then you'll need to connect to it with client nodes.

In short, look under the client samples.

Hi Jack,
did you found a Solution for your problem?
I tried the same but didn't find an example for a Server Method.

I still haven't found a solution.I had add an issue to ask the author at github, He suggested to read the example in the nodered, but 1 can't find an example for a Server Method.:rofl:

By looking at the source code with repeated attempts, I've successfully written an example,If you need it, send me a message.

Hi Jack,
That would be great if you can me send this example.

Dear Ingo or Jack,

i've the same problem and this is the only thread about it.

would you please provide your solution?

thank you


Hi Windsurfer,
the Solution that Jack sent me was node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua where a Method call was included. Unfortunately this Package was deleted from GitHub and is no longer available.
So at the Moment i again have no Solution.