In my Raspberry Pi, I noticed that "CoreServer" is not recignised/defined in "nodered-opcua-server" node. I took example programmed node, but still same error is coming. So, I updated my node-red to version 3.0.2 and node.js to v18.17.0 (which is latest LTS supported version) but still below command "const opcua = coreServer.choreCompact.opcua" is not recognised in address space of "node-red-contrib-opcua-server" node.
Please help me how I can solve this problem or is there any other node which I can use to send data to ArchestrA (Aveva) System Management Console (SMC) from Node-Red, Node should follow S7 or OPCUA Protocols?

I see you posted this in July. Have you had any luck on your own? Write back and let me know if this is still open.
Thoughts on the subject. OPC-DA and OPC-UA are similar that the "server" offer up tag values to "clients". You should be able to run KEPWARE or the like to create test tags . you should be able to have Node-RED serve tags to your test client and then your test can act as a server to simulate the tag values to your client. This is a typical fashion to debug either the server or clients.

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