Node opc ua compact server

I noticed that a new node for opc ua came up, namely the node opc ua compact server, i'd like to know if anyone has already used this node, i see that it has a tab to register with Local Discover Server and since i'm working with LDS i like a feedback on how to configure this node.

The node is this:

And the separators are that


And what was the name of the library in the palette when you installed it, something like node-red-contrib-???

the library is this


Found the node and quickly read through the code. I have absolutely zero understanding of OPC UA myself, but see that there’s a bit of documentation included that you can find on the info panel in the sidebar. It also has two example flows that you can import through the menu. Furthermore the repository has a wiki on github, but it’s severely lacking and there’s no other documentation to be found. I saw you filed an issue with the author half an hour ago. I believe that’s your best shot to get an answer.

I don't see the examples flows to import, can you show to mee where i import them?

If you click on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal dashes), then import it should say “examples” as option, followed by the name of the library. Otherwise you can import from clipboard using the json files in the “examples” directory on github, in the repository you created that issue on.

I found the examples thanks