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feinstaub-flows.json (5.3 KB) I am an absolute beginner. But I have already been able to implement a few small things.
Now I want to integrate data from my fine dust sensor on my homepage. The readout of the fine dust sensor works already. Unfortunately I get stuck while generating the website.

Can someone help me with this and give me an example how to create a web page with the variables (values)?

Thanks a lot

Do you know about the node red dashboard?

Yes I know about the node red dashboard. But my problem is that I want to provide the values for an external website.

You could create a http endpoint that your website calls.

You could publish the values to a public MQTT broker then have your website subscribe to the public broker.

There are many solutions but without more info (e.g. servers locations, web technologies in your website (server side rendering?) Etc etc), it is difficult to advise.

I thought I would generate a web page and put it in a folder. This one I will call up then.

I am still not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve. Can you give more details?

For example, I want to upload an image like the one in the dashboard on my website.


@nuiler you are not providing nearly enough information. You "know about dashboard" but dont want dashboard, then show a picture from a dashboard" but you want to "generate a web page and put it in a folder"

I have given you 2 ways to "provide the values for an external website" http endpoint and public MQTT but I will say it again...

Spell out what you have and what you are trying to achieve / provide a REAL example.

I have attached the flow what I have so far. The dashboard should only serve as an example of how it should look like on the external website.
My problem is that I can't get it to work with "http endpoint". It would help me a lot if I had an example how to display 2 variables. The generated page, I want to upload (FTP) to
I hope it is now more understandable, but as I said, I am a beginner.

Translated with (free version)

flows.json (4.6 KB)

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