Writing data to an external website

First I should say I'm a beginner and just finding my way around node-red
I have written a flow which reads data (messages) from a udp port and after some filtering then displays them in a table on the UI dashboard - this bit works fine.
I would like to access my table outside of my home network, I've read about the various security issues of opening up ports etc. so, as I have my own web site (cp panel hosted) I was wondering if node red could be made to write the table to a page on my site.
Is this possible? if so some tips of how to get started would be appreciated


Does the host provide a means of FTP or other file access? You could write to a file on the host.

Alternatively, does your website provide a callable endpoint that node-red could call to & send this data?

Hi Steve,
I can certainly use ftp to access my site, I already use that for my photo albums. I don't know anything about a "callable endpoint", I've never heard of this term.


There are several ftp nodes on flows.nodered.org - hopefully one will let you upload some data to your site in a format you can then just browse... you may want/need to reformat it locally first before uploading.

I used Nginx with port forwarding to a cloud server and then hosted that cloud server on a sub domain.

Thanks to all, ftp was the way to go, up and running now


Do please make sure you are using SFTP or FTPS though (or SCP) so that your connection is secured.

Thanks for the tip, I'm using the "ftp in" node and I have "Data connection encryption" ticked, there is no specific option for ftps - I hope that's ok


I think that there are over a dozen contributed FTP nodes, which one are you using specifically?

If you are connecting to the node from an ftp client, does it force you to use SFTP, FTPS or FTP with TLS or SSL? If not, then your connection is not secure.

This is the node I'm using https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-ftp
Since reading your earlier post I'm looking at using an external ftp program to send the files produced by node-red to my web site.
Allway Sync, which I already have installed, seems to fit the bill, it offers sftp and automatic sync of files from local drive to remote destination at a pre-determined time. I haven't had chance to try it yet, but it looks promising

I've not used it but you should try to connect to it using plain FTP, if it allows a connection then you know that you need to do something different.

Ok, just for reference for other users, I finished up using WinSCP ftp program.
I had to get SSH private and public keys from my web site provider, using these keys I get a secure ftp connection.
WinSCP has a "watch folder" function, any changes made in the local folder are sync to the remote folder - all seems to be be working well.
Thanks to all those that have replied to my question, this now wraps it up



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