HTML To Test Not providing all of the contents

I hope that everyone stays safe from the C.Virus!! I am working from home and wondering if anyone knows how to solve this problem I am having? I am capturing certain tab names on the "left" side of the web page but I am not acquiring the content I need that are within such areas as /#meetings, #recentlogins, ..etc. I get the following:

This particular problem is not really about HTML to Text but more about extracting an API from this screen that is shown in the snapshot and then display this information via node-red to the dashboard. currentDataPerConnect. Each box represents a separate Python call to this API, each with their own connect_id that represents the particular installation (i.e. Kaplan-NA, Demo-NA). This API returns the number of meetings and user counts displayed in the box. Will take some time to sort this out.

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