Http error with cam off-line

Hi, I try to explain ....
I have a reolink cam and every 30 min I send with http node one (only one) http request (GET) to have a shot of the garden to show on my dashboard.

Yesterday the cam lost the wifi connection and this is the error ...


No problem in node-red but the cpu work increased from 4% to 30% and the ram usage from 15% to 45% with a notable increase of the cpu temperature.

I have an option to disable the http request but the value described above not decreased and I had to reboot node-red.

The same problem one month ago with an http request to an api Ecowitt that didn't answer because the server was down ...

How can I fix this issue?

Node-RED version: v3.1.1
Node.js version: v16.20.2
Linux 5.15.32-v7l+ arm LE
Raspberry Pi4 - SO raspberry

Are you sure it is not whatever comes after that node that is causing the problem when it is given the error message in the payload instead of the results of the GET? Disconnect the output of the http request node and then switch of the camera and see if you still see the problem.

Ok, I'll do some test ....

Thank you

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