NodeRed crashes with high CPU load

Hi, every 24h or so, NodeRed suddenly has a high CPU load (up from 0.5% to 30%) and becomes unresponsive and I cannot load the UI.
The Log shows the following:

So, it's about http-request and which is my heat pump.
I have several http-request nodes which read the values of the heat pump and which are configured like this:

I have no idea what causes the problems. Any idea, what is going wrong?
Thank you

Are you checking the statusCode returned by the request node, and taking appropriate action in your flow? If not then perhaps the bad data returned by the node is confusing the following flow.

[Edit] Also how often are you issuing that request, it seems to be looping continually attempting to do the request.

Thanks. There was indeed a network problem with my Proxmox containers which did not get a refresh of the ip lease after 24h.

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