Http request node problem

Hi, I try to explain and I understand that isn't easy but I would like to find a solution.
I had already written a post, but the problem is always present...

I have a reolink cam and every 30 min I send with http node one (only one) http request (GET) to have a shot of the garden to show on my dashboard.

Sometimes maybe for bad wifi connection the cam don't show the image .....
and in this case I haven't error and no problem in node-red but the cpu work increased from 4% to 30% and the ram usage from 15% to 45% with a notable increase of the cpu temperature and this value don't decrease not even when the cam show the image correctly and I'm forced to restart node red.

Can you help me to fix the problem?

Node-RED version: v3.1.1
Node.js version: v16.20.2
Linux 5.15.32-v7l+ arm LE
Raspberry Pi4 - SO raspberry

Add debug nodes to find exactly what happens in this case. It sounds as if this is causing node-red to get stuck consuming lots of processor time. You need to work out what is happening. If you set the debug nodes to output to the console then you can look back through the log to see what went wrong. Alternatively use something like node-red-contrib-flogger (node) - Node-RED to log what happens.

Ok, I will try to add debug nodes, thank you ...