HTTP node header request help

While trying to get some info about mutual funds I was provided with the following api info.

POST /ri/v1/investment/scheme/nav HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
X-Rapidapi-Key: f6d274573cd8a9
Content-Length: 191

    "schemeCode": "100526",
    "date": "10-Jul-2018"
    "schemeCode": "100526",
    "date": "14-Jul-2018"
    "schemeCode": "112278",
    "date": "11-Jul-2018"

I have tried to use the http node connected to aa function node to get the relevant info but not able to get it working. I hope some one can help me build the function node with headers and the config http node for this api.

The documentation explains how to set headers

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