Http request node, handling failures silently

I am using the HTTP request node. When everything goes well, you get a statusCode=200, any other code is a failure of some sort. But in case of failures, you also get failures reported in debug window and system console. Is there a way to silence these reports in debug window and system console?
I would rather like to handling them my own way.

You should be able to use the catch node with 'Only send non-2xx responses to Catch node' on the http request node

you can then bounce of the catch node to do some recovery of sorts

@marcus-j-davies I tried that option, but I still get failure reports in debug window and system console. Allthough, I noticed it takes a lot longer before they start reporting in debug window and system console.

@marcus-j-davies I must stay corrected. It doesn't do it no more in debug window, it seems now. But I sill get reports in system console (node-red-log).

Hi @henkkas,
I'm not sure if there is a way around that (i could be wrong), some others may know.

@marcus-j-davies Thanks anyway for your advice, it was mostly very helpful!

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