HTTP Request Status code 202

Hi all,

I am using the http request node and for some inputs I am getting the status code 202. How can I change the timeout limit of this node? If the timeout is not the problem, what I have to change to specify that "I" want to wait until the the request is fullfilled.

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In your settings.js file, you can find this:

// Timeout in milliseconds for HTTP request connections
//  defaults to 120 seconds
//httpRequestTimeout: 120000,


Hi Bart,
Thanks for the response. Do you know the location of settings.js ? I have an instance on IBM cloud, and I am connecting via ssh

On IBM cloud, the file is called bluemix-settings.js, but you cannot edit it by sshing into the application image. You have to use the Continuous Deployment feature of IBM Cloud to edit the source of the app and then deploy the changes back.

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