Hub TAPO H100 node red

I would like to integrate the tapo H100 hub into node red, I have other lights, plugs... but I don't know how I can integrate this... does anyone know something and can help me?

A quick google search finds this:

TP-Link Tapo smart home sensors run on their proprietary Sub-GHz network.

From: Tapo Smart Home Ecosystem Review: Impressive Tapo app.

So it doesn't look like you will be able to use this with Node-RED.

but why this? In node red you don't indicate if it works on one frequency or another?

Can you explain what you mean by that please?

A user told me that since TAPO's zigbe works at 1ghz, the H100 hub cannot be implemented in node red... and he simply said that I do not understand this explanation...

I see that there is work going on to integrate the hub into Home Assistant.
To integrate directly with node-red would need someone to replicate that work in javascript for node-red.

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