I added input feilds dynamically then how can i save data from those inputs in the defaults

i want save power,switch&speed values in the defaults which I generated from +add button

Hi & welcome to the forum.

We will need more info to assist.

  • Are you creating a new contrib (add-in) node for others to install? or just using node-red?
  • how and to what?
  • What data? What inputs?

I am trying to create custom node and got stuck.I added image to my question,can u give me solution

By the looks of it, your custom node is not using the dedicated editableList

I would suggest you look at the source of any of the built in nodes that have an editableList for reference.

In short, you need to loop through the entries in oneditsave and store them as an object or array in the defaults. See here for more info: Node edit dialog : Node-RED

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