I am getting error please help me

8 Dec 16:04:56 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
8 Dec 16:04:56 - [info] - server
8 Dec 16:04:56 - [info] - profile

i dont know what is server and profile node. i am unable to deploy my node. it is showing error like above.

They don't look like any of the core nodes - so are likely to be some 3rd party node you have "added". Or rather - are used in the flow - but you have not added to this machine yet. As they are 3rd party ones only you know what has been added - so you'll have to go through and find out.

sir, installed package will available in local computer,? can you plz share location where installed node are available.

How did you get to this point? Did you uninstall a node (in which case you need to install it again) or did you get the flow from somewhere (or another machine) in which case you need to find the full name of the nodes that the flow expects. They will probably be something like node-red-contrib-something.

the issues is solved thank you.

how to update node red version and npm version in windows through command prompt at particular version.