I cannot start node-red

This node run in raspberry pi 3 .And auto run when pi power on It's was work before after 3-4 month ago,Then this problem is occur.

Is this really what is in that file

If so then it is corrupted, it should be
module.exports = function hasSymbols() {
I suggest that you backup anything important on the SD card, throw it in the bin, and start again with a new card. It is possible that you could just overwrite it and it would be ok but unless the cost of a new card is significant to you it is better to chuck it.

Did the pi suffer a power fail shutdown instead of controlled shutdown? That can occasionally corrupt the card but with modern good quality cards even that is rare. Make sure that you buy good quality cards from a reputable supplier, there are a lot of fakes on the internet.

For backing up your node red flows then, assuming it is a conventional install, backup the whole of the .node-red folder except for the node_modules folder. Then after installing node-red on the new system restore that file, then in a command window

cd ~/.node-red
npm install

That will install all the extra nodes you need.

In future please copy/paste screen output rather than screenshot.

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My money is on a failed/failing SD card. Look at the line iodule.exports = funption

That should be module.exports = function

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Thank you.I will change a SD card and try again

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