I have some questions please

That is the basis of course, you should have mentioned at start. Collecting data can be made in so many ways so you have to be more specific here as well. Node-RED supports many ways of collecting data from machines

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That is great but I need the advantage and disadvantages of the node-red then I can make a decision on which method suits me.

Yes but since there are so many options and possibilities, already in a way expplained, and without you providing exact details of what you wanna do, it is like me asking you the question "how long is a rope"

(Some) Advantages of Node-red:
Graphical user interface.
Easy learning curve.
Easy to integrate and combine programs and scripts in many languages.
No need to install and manage web server.
Helpful and tolerant user community.

(Some) Disadvantages of Node-red:
Single user, single thread.
Flow based programming paradigm may be confusing.
No compiler.
May require JavaScript skills.


That is a slight over simplification I think?

Editor certainly can be multi-id though simultaneous editing can be awkward. Dashboard is mostly single-user. But other aspects such as uibuilder can be made fully multi-user without too much effort.

Otherwise, seems like a reasonable summary.

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I think if I use C# .net to carat dashboard to collect data is better than Node-RED.
because JavaScribte is not strong as C#.

If you are familiar with those technologies then I think you are probably right.

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What do you mean by a "dashboard to collect data"?

Again, not quite comparing like-for-like. They are languages with a different focus. Using C# .net to do browser-based interfaces isn't going to work. Using node.js (javascript) to do .net based business logic sometimes works well and others not. JS is a LOT faster to prototype and build than C# in many cases.

.net requires a somewhat different set of disciplines and most likely more highly paid programmers along with designers and testers. The costs tend to be a lot higher and therefore you need to be sure that the outcomes have sufficient business value to justify the cost. On the other hand, there will be plenty of cases where the runtime costs of .net will be lower due to runtime efficiencies of compiled code.

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I am looking for a good method to collect data from machines.

I think you need to work on your requirements in detail.

Collecting data from machines: Prometheus.
Dashboard to represent this data: Grafana.

Machine learning is a completely different beast and requires even more granularity/expertise in terms of requirements - as it needs to "learn" from patterns. Defining these patterns is the hardest part.


Thanks for the answering but I would like to know which faster to collect data from the XML file please?

This is something you are going to have to test on your device.

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I don't think there is a sensible answer to that question. Both languages can read and parse XML. If the speed at which they do that is the only factor that matters to your choice of language, then you'll have to test and see.

But please keep in mind, this forum is for Node-RED - and we'll be happy to answer your questions about Node-RED.

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Yes I will thinks a lot mate

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