I have some questions please

Does the Node REd support Machine learning?
Does the Node REd support only one language which is java?

There are some Machine Learning nodes available:


The language of Node Red is JavaScript, not Java.

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which better to support ML javascript or C# ?

I would say it depends on which you know and what you want to do and how fast you need it to run.

You should do some Google searches and invistigate what others are saying about ML.

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I think Node-red is not pretty good to use ML. C# is better its faster.

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Please can I use python to write code in node-red?

You cannot use Python to write code in Node Red directly.
You can write Python scripts on your underlying operating system (Linux/Windows),
and call those scripts from Node Red using the "exec" node.
You can also pass parameters to your scripts and receive results using the "exec" node.


There are lots of ways to interact with Python via Node-RED. In addition to the way mentioned, you could have a Python service running in parallel to the node-red service and get them to talk to each other. Node-RED and Python both have lots of ways for the two to talk.

BTW, JavaScript is not a very good choice for ML itself but is a fine choice for integrations and for web front-ends. In terms of scripting languages, Python is streets ahead simply because it is the language most commonly used in science and academic environments and because it has really good interfaces to compiled code in other languages such as Fortran which is used in a lot of engineering and science.


javascript makes weakness in Node-red is it right ?

Do you think that Node-Red Dashboard has no user management, external authentication, and access rights?

No it is not a weakness, but it may not be the best language for your requirement.

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Don't know where you got that from? All computer languages have strengths and weaknesses.

Javascript is a reasonable, general purpose language which has the major advantage of being the same as the language used for the web. One language for front-end and back-end.

Can you find anything equivalent to node-red written using Python? Nope. Is it possible, certainly. But it hasn't happened. But similarly there are things done in Python that we don't see in JavaScript, not because it couldn't but simply due to different focus.

I don't understand what you are asking. Dashboard is a web app and so can be secured like any other web app.

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If i had to guess i would say we have just done the 10 intro questions for his new machine learning course


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That is means experts still working on the Node-Red dashboard to support ML is that right?

To my knowledge, no one working on the dashboard is doing anything with ML.


Also, if anyone were working on ML it would be nothing to do with the dashboard.

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That is mean the Node-Red dashboard does not support ML is that right ?

Of course it could support some aspects of using ML - it is a web app delivery tool.

You are conflating general purpose tools (e.g node-red, Dashboard) with specialist tools (e.g. ML). They are different things. Your question really has no meaning.

You could use a Dashboard to display the output of ML - like the examples in the forum for things like object recognition. Or for input to an ML model. But a Dashboard doesn't "do" ML.


Can you explain why you are asking all these questions please? We are all putting in time trying to help you and it isn't at all clear where this is leading.

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I am looking for a good method to collect data from machines.