I need to exchange ip from localhost ( over network ip

I bought a book about arduino projects on the internet (Iot); and in a chapter asks to exchange the ip by another, the example of the book ta by a
Where can I change this ip?

Your question is too vague. Tell us more about what the example in the book says about changing the ip. There are many, many places you might need to setup an ip address so without more detail we don't know what it is trying to achieve.

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Would this be better asked in a forum that covers Arduino?

Sergio will be always the locahost but will work in the same way if you use the acual ip of the machine.

Are you sure the example is not explaining you or trying to just test this?


the book says only this, that it is necessary to change the local ip by the network ip of the machine! Do you have any configuration of the node-red that can change?

Sergio lo que te indica en ese documento es simplemente que en el mĂłdulo arduino debes usar la IP de red del servidor para poder conectar a node-red si quieres abrir desde un navegador en otro ordenador o dispositivo.

Es decir otro ordenador debes abrir ip:1880 para ver el editor de node-red o ip:1880/ui para el dashboard, por si te queda mas claro.

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That is saying that to view node-red in a browser you have to enter the ip address of the pi in the browser address bar. If you are running the browser on the pi then you can use http://localhost:1880, if you are running the browser on a PC then you need to know the ip address of the pi. In a terminal on the pi run ifconfig and you will find the ip address under the interface you are using (probably eth0 or wlan0). It will say something like

wlan0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500
        inet  netmask  broadcast

where in my case the address is

Note: that example is using NR v0.10.6 which is very very old and node.js v0.10.36 which is very very new and not supported. You should be using NR v0.18.7 and node.js v0.8.x

Nota: ese ejemplo usa NR v0.10.6 que es muy muy antiguo y node.js v0.10.36 que es muy nuevo y no es compatible. DeberĂ­a usar NR v0.18.7 y node.js v0.8.x

Just realised that I made the assumption that you were using a pi, if not then it is the ip address of whatever is running node red that you want.