I2c display not working


i have a Chinese i2c display
link to display

when i run i2cdetect -y 1
i get

this gives me 3c??
what is my address then? when i enter 3c nr crashes.

What is want to do is display some text on the 128x64 display.
All tips are welcome.

i tried to make it work with node-red-contrib-lcd20x4-i2c and with node-red-contrib-pcf8574-lcd
and i update raspi-config to enable i2c

What pi are you using?
Please start up node-red and cause the crash again. Then copy the node-red log from the startup thru the crash and paste it to a reply.

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It is a pi 4 model 4
i deleted all that caused the crash allready because it was impossible to start node-red again

Did you install the nodes via the palette or in the cli?

Interesting there is another thread just opened with an i2c issue but the were using node-red-contribute-oled.

I would suggest installing the node via the cli to make sure it installs and we can go from there

Also what version of NR and node.js?

I will give it another try. Last night i gave it up at 2.45...

Just to be sure, it should be possible to connect a display to node red and show text?

Yes it is possible,

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