"i2c out" - node: how to configure to send out values like 0x3200, 0x0100 etc.?

I have a working communication between a Raspi 4B and a triac module over I2C. For setting the frequency of the triac module e.g. to 50Hz (0x32) I have figured out that I have to write to register 0x05
the value 0x3200. On the command line this is "i2cset -y 1 0x47 0x05 0x3200 w" (w for word) and in Python it is i2cbus.write_word_data(0x47, 0x05, 0x3200). In both ways it works well and I can control the triac module. But how to configure the "i2c out" - node (together with an inject - node) to send out values like 0x3200 ? I have tried to send 12800dec, 5000dec (2 bytes) and also 0x3200 (as string) but nothing works.

Try sending a number 12800

Sending a number (12800 for 0x3200) was also my first approach. But probably because of not watching carefully (it was late) I had the impression it did not work. Today I shutdown and switched the Raspi Off and On and tried again to send a number. And .. it works ! Probably the I2C bus got locked up by sending too many wrong commands.

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