Ideal raspberry pi model

Hello guys!

Well, I developed an Iot project based on Node-RED and saw that the tool has proved to be the best choice that I could have made. As a result, I really want to carry out my project, developing something definitive.

Until now, I run Node-RED, the broker mosquitto and a VPN client on a PC with win 10. However, I have seen a wide application of Node RED on microcomputers, such as the raspberry pi. I find it interesting to use it as a definitive server to run my software, the energy and mechanical expense is low, in addition to being compact.

I wanted to see your opinion: what is the ideal model, that can run the software without difficulties? how much memory is needed?

And already taking advantage, which operating system would be the best? Ubuntu, raspbian? give me options.

For me, the ideal model would be what you can afford or are prepared to pay. NR will run on a Pi Zero (just). Although I wouldn't try running too much else with it.

RPi 4 with 2Gb will run quite a few servers together (eg NR, mqtt, apache, influxdb, grafana) no problem. But if you can afford it get the 4Gb model.

I also run my test machine on a RPi3. I keep throwing "stuff" on it and it keeps on going.

As for OS I just run raspbian, mainly because it is supported better.


Well, luckily I received news that my sponsors didn't place limits on values, so I'm free to choose the model hahaha

I intend to keep the 4 model b, with 4gb of ram.

There is the 8 gb, but I think it is unnecessary.

Thank you for the tips.

An R Pi2 with 512MiB will also run "quite a few servers together" - that has been the mainstay of my home automation setup for some years. :slight_smile:

Of course, a 3-4yo laptop with Debian, 8GiB RAM and a laptop HDD running with max power saving and screen off takes <20w and is far more powerful than even the latest Pi4. And far cheaper since it didn't cost me anything! Even has a built-in UPS thanks to the battery. It will easily replace my Pi2 and Pi3 and do a lot more besides.

But since you have a sponsor willing to fork out for a Pi4 with 4GiB RAM, that does seem like the sweet spot. Of course, I'd add an SSD to that for maximum performance and resilience if the budget allows. Oh, and don't forget to get an over-spec'd power supply as cheap ones will only cause problems (another benefit of using a Lenovo Thinkpad X240 as my "new" home server).

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