If anyone is wanting to play with an IR puck (thing) for Universal control

I am in two worlds: Node-Red and Tasmota.

Node-Red is a great platform for talking to Tasmota devices, and recently I have started my journey down the Rabbit hole of IR Controllers.

That is: Replace a bunch of remotes for one kind of thing.

But getting the codes and storing them is a bit painful, as you have to teach the system each signal. Well, where I am at, you do.

This is painful getting the message, formatting it (from the one received) and then knowing what it is to use/is needed.

I wrote this little flow which allows you to have your IR PUCK connected and comms up and then get the commands and show you what you need to save.

Yes, it is a given that you have the comms up. That's a whole other department.
This is getting the codes and checking they work.



Anyway here's how to use it:

Click the capture node. The function node above it should then say ONE.
This will allow ONE Infra red signal through.

Point your remote at the puck (hey, that's what they are called. Don't blame me.) and press a button.

All being good you will see the function node toggle to Block. Then look at the this is the packet debug node (to the right).

Press the Test button and it will check that the code received works.
It is given the Puck is visible to the other device and the code will be transmitted.
If it works, copy the packet from the debug node and put it in a function node.

(Got it working)

Ok, here's a walk through (pictures this time) of using it.

In red: The Capture button and function node which says either BLOCK of ONE
In green: The Test button to test if what was captured works.
In dark blue: The message packet to be used.

Press the button on the remote (after the Capture button) and this message is displayed (in the brown area.

Copy the msg.payload to the clipboard and paste it as shown

In the test area you can check the codes work - though the test button should verify this.
This is more the final test where you know it works.

That's why I put the test area to help show how to use it and test the code/s.

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