Image for OdroidN2+

I've downloaded a fresh image of Ubuntu, and previously Armbian, but both of them are stuck on Node 10, which wont install Node Red. What image would I install. Prefer desktop. Rather confused.

This is what I installed

you should be able to use that and then use our debian/ubntiu/pi install script to install both node and Node-RED for you. (IE don't install the default node10 package)

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I also used a Odroid N2 before, I think as @dceejay already mentioned, I installed Node-RED and dependencies using the script. Like below and you can jump start directly with the latest beta

bash <(curl -sL --nodered-version="next" --node16

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Thanks, I installed zigbee2mqtt prior to node red, and z2m installed Node 10 via npm. I'll install node red via the script first. Thankyou.

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